Grenola Christian Church is a small church that has had its doors open for over 100 years. Just like over 100 years ago, today we strive to be Christ-like in every way possible. We are a church that wants to be a refuge for the lost and broken. And we want you to be apart of the family of God with us.



Core Beliefs:

We believe that God exists, He is real, and He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to "seek and save the lost".

We believe that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

We believe that through Jesus' death and resurrection, our sins are covered by the blood that he shed for us.

We believe that through repentance(turning our lives around) and immersion(baptism), that we can be saved from this fallen world and experience eternal life with God the Father.

The Bible teaches us that God will provide help and guidance(Holy Spirit) for living as a Christian all along the way, until our departure from this life.


We hope that you join us for one of our Sunday worship services.


If you want to hear the same sermons that we do on Sunday Mornings, copy and paste the link into your search bar or click on the youtube icon at the bottom of the page.

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